General IDEA Part B General Supervision Activities 

The contents of this page provides a general timeline for completing IDEA, Part B General Supervision Activities. The primary reference for this page can be located here.

To see a colorful, graphic display of these activities click here.

Also, view the IDC 618 Data Collection Calendar. 

General Year-Round Activities:

  • Review data entry for accuracy; request data clarification

  • Prepare quarterly data reports

  • Review data to determine Technical Assistance (TA) needs

  • Provide necessary TA

  • Conduct district monitoring

  • Review/approve new improvement plans

  • Review SPP/APR progress on indicators and SSIP improvement activities 



1st Quarter: January, February, March 

General Activities:

•  SSIP: Review progress data with stakeholders; determine revisions to SSIP; Document any changes



Recommended Activities:

• Grant Application: Prepare Part B Grant Application for 60-day public review and comment period

• 618 Tables: Begin to review the validation of child count and educational environment data (Grads360°)



Required Activities:

• February 1st: APR data due to OSEP to Grads360° website 

Recommended Activities:
• SPP/APR: Post access to SPP/APR data to state website for public review
• 618 Tables: Continue to review and validate child count and educational data



General Activities:
•  General Supervision

Inform/train participating SSIP sites on implementation activities
•  Determine eligibility for and allocate Section 611 and 619 subgrants to LEAs
•  Review LEA fiscal data and conduct risk assessments
•  Notify LEAs of the status of determination, issues of non-compliance and on-site visit selection

        • Report program performance to public within 120 days of submitting SPP/APR
        • Make LEA determinations

2nd Quarter: April, May, June 



Required Activities:
       • April 1st: SSIP due to OSEP to Grads360° website
       • First Wednesday in April: Part B Child Count and Educational Environments (- 618)
       • Post access SSIP data to state public reporting website

       • Address OSEP SPP/APR Clarifications; Report program performance to public                 with 120 days of APR



Required Activities:

• First Wednesday in May: Part B Maintenance of Effort (MOE) (618)

Recommended Activities:

• SPP/APR: Make LEA status determinations



State Specific


3rd Quarter: July, August, September 




• Close of the school year data

•  Run validations

•  Clean data

•  Contact districts with anomalies B14



State Specific




•  Analyze available data; Prepare SPP/APR data

4th Quarter: October, November, December



Recommended Activities:

•  Grant Application

•  Prepare any policy and procedure revisions drafted for Part B Grant Application



Required Activities:

•  First Wednesday in November: Submit Part B Personnel, Part B Exiting, Part B Discipline, Part B Dispute Resolution (618)Recommended Activities:

•  SSIP: Analyze data for SSIP implementation activities; review progress data with stakeholders, discuss and determine if revisions are necessary



Required Activities:
       •  Third week in December: Submit Part B Assessment

•  Finalized SPP/AR and begin entering data into SPP/APR in Grads360°