General IDEA Part B Annual Activities 

The contents of this page provides a general timeline for completing IDEA, Part B General Supervision Activities. The primary reference for this page can be located here.

For more information about the recommended data collection throughout the year, visit the IDC 618 Data Collection Calendar site. 

General Year-Round Activities:

  • Review data entry for accuracy; request data clarification

  • Prepare quarterly data reports

  • Review data to determine Technical Assistance (TA) needs

  • Provide necessary TA

  • Conduct district monitoring

  • Review/approve new improvement plans

  • Review SPP/APR progress on indicators and SSIP improvement activities 



1st Quarter: January, February, March 

General Activities:

•  SSIP: Review progress data with stakeholders; determine revisions to SSIP; Document any changes



Recommended Activities:

• Grant Application: Prepare Part B Grant Application for 60-day public review and comment period

• 618 Tables: Begin to review the validation of child count and educational environment data (Grads360°)



Required Activities:

• February 1st: APR data due to OSEP to Grads360° website 

Recommended Activities:
• SPP/APR: Post access to SPP/APR data to state website for public review
• 618 Tables: Continue to review and validate child count and educational data



General Activities:
•  General Supervision

Inform/train participating SSIP sites on implementation activities
•  Determine eligibility for and allocate Section 611 and 619 subgrants to LEAs
•  Review LEA fiscal data and conduct risk assessments
•  Notify LEAs of status of determination, issues of non-compliance and on-site visit selection

• Report program performance to public with 120 days of submitting SPP/APR
• Make LEA determinations

2nd Quarter: April, May, June 



Required Activities:
• April 1st: SSIP due to OSEP to Grads360° website
• First Wednesday in April: Part B Child Count and Educational Environments (- 618)
• Post access SSIP data to state public reporting website

• Address OSEP SPP/APR Clarifications; Report program performance to public with 120 days of APR



Required Activities:

• First Wednesday in May: Part B Maintenance of Effort (MOE) (618)

Recommended Activities:

• SPP/APR: Make LEA status determinations



State Specific


3rd Quarter: July, August, September 




• Close of the school year data

•  Run validations

•  Clean data

•  Contact districts with anomalies B14



State Specific




•  Analyze available data; Prepare SPP/APR data

4th Quarter: October, November, December



Recommended Activities:

•  Grant Application

•  Prepare any policy and procedure revisions drafted for Part B Grant Application



Required Activities:

•  First Wednesday in November: Submit Part B Personnel, Part B Exiting, Part B Discipline, Part B Dispute Resolution (618)Recommended Activities:

•  SSIP: Analyze data for SSIP implementation activities; review progress data with stakeholders, discuss and determine if revisions are necessary



Required Activities:
•  Third week in December: Submit Part B Assessment

•  Finalized SPP/AR and begin entering data into SPP/APR in Grads360°