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Electronic Code Of Federal Regulations

Subpart B-State Eligibility


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§300.100 Eligibility for assistance.


FAPE Requirements

§300.101 Free appropriate public education (FAPE).
§300.102 Limitation—exception to FAPE for certain ages.


Other FAPE Requirements

§300.103 FAPE—methods and payments.
§300.104 Residential placement.
§300.105 Assistive technology.
§300.106 Extended school year services.
§300.107 Nonacademic services.
§300.108 Physical education.
§300.109 Full educational opportunity goal (FEOG).
§300.110 Program options.
§300.111 Child find.
§300.112 Individualized education programs (IEP).
§300.113 Routine checking of hearing aids and external components of surgically implanted medical devices.


Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)

§300.114 LRE requirements.
§300.115 Continuum of alternative placements.
§300.116 Placements.
§300.117 Nonacademic settings.
§300.118 Children in public or private institutions.
§300.119 Technical assistance and training activities.
§300.120 Monitoring activities.


Additional Eligibility Requirements

§300.121 Procedural safeguards.
§300.122 Evaluation.
§300.123 Confidentiality of personally identifiable information.
§300.124 Transition of children from the Part C program to preschool programs.
§§300.125-300.128 [Reserved]


Children in Private Schools

§300.129 State responsibility regarding children in private schools.


Children With Disabilities Enrolled by Their Parents in Private Schools

§300.130 Definition of parentally-placed private school children with disabilities.
§300.131 Child find for parentally-placed private school children with disabilities.
§300.132 Provision of services for parentally-placed private school children with disabilities—basic requirement.
§300.133 Expenditures.
§300.134 Consultation.
§300.135 Written affirmation.
§300.136 Compliance.
§300.137 Equitable services determined.
§300.138 Equitable services provided.
§300.139 Location of services and transportation.
§300.140 Due process complaints and State complaints.
§300.141 Requirement that funds not benefit a private school.
§300.142 Use of personnel.
§300.143 Separate classes prohibited.
§300.144 Property, equipment, and supplies.


Children With Disabilities in Private Schools Placed or Referred by Public Agencies

§300.145 Applicability of §§300.146 through 300.147.
§300.146 Responsibility of SEA.
§300.147 Implementation by SEA.


Children With Disabilities Enrolled by Their Parents in Private Schools When FAPE Is at Issue

§300.148 Placement of children by parents when FAPE is at issue.


SEA Responsibility for General Supervision and Implementation of Procedural Safeguards

§300.149 SEA responsibility for general supervision.
§300.150 SEA implementation of procedural safeguards.


State Complaint Procedures

§300.151 Adoption of State complaint procedures.
§300.152 Minimum State complaint procedures.
§300.153 Filing a complaint.


Methods of Ensuring Services

§300.154 Methods of ensuring services.


Additional Eligibility Requirements

§300.155 Hearings relating to LEA eligibility.
§300.156 Personnel qualifications.
§300.157 Performance goals and indicators.
§§300.158-300.159 [Reserved]
§300.160 Participation in assessments.
§300.161 [Reserved]
§300.162 Supplementation of State, local, and other Federal funds.
§300.163 Maintenance of State financial support.
§300.164 Waiver of requirement regarding supplementing and not supplanting with Part B funds.
§300.165 Public participation.
§300.166 Rule of construction.

State Advisory Panel

§300.167 State advisory panel.
§300.168 Membership.
§300.169 Duties.


Other Provisions Required for State Eligibility

§300.170 Suspension and expulsion rates.
§300.171 Annual description of use of Part B funds.
§300.172 Access to instructional materials.
§300.173 Overidentification and disproportionality.
§300.174 Prohibition on mandatory medication.
§300.175 SEA as provider of FAPE or direct services.
§300.176 Exception for prior State plans.
§300.177 States' sovereign immunity and positive efforts to employ and advance qualified individuals with disabilities.


Department Procedures

§300.178 Determination by the Secretary that a State is eligible to receive a grant.
§300.179 Notice and hearing before determining that a State is not eligible to receive a grant.
§300.180 Hearing official or panel.
§300.181 Hearing procedures.
§300.182 Initial decision; final decision.
§300.183 Filing requirements.
§300.184 Judicial review.
§300.185 [Reserved]
§300.186 Assistance under other Federal programs.


By-pass for Children in Private Schools

§300.190 By-pass—general.
§300.191 Provisions for services under a by-pass.
§300.192 Notice of intent to implement a by-pass.
§300.193 Request to show cause.
§300.194 Show cause hearing.
§300.195 Decision.
§300.196 Filing requirements.
§300.197 Judicial review.
§300.198 Continuation of a by-pass.

State Administration

§300.199 State administration.

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