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Subpart A: General
Subpart B: State Eligibility
Subpart C: Local Educational Agency Eligibility
Subpart D: Evaluations, Eligibility Determinations, Individual Education Programs, and Educational Placements
Subpart E: Procedural Safeguards Due Process Procedures for Parents and Children
Subpart F: Monitoring, Enforcement, Confidentiality, and Program Information
Subpart G: Authorization, Allotment, Use of Funds, and Authorizations of Appropriations
Subpart H: Preschool Grants for Children with Disabilities


Appendix A: Excess Cost Calculations
Appendix B: Proportionate Share Calculation
Appendix C: National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standards (NIMAS)
Appendix D: Maintenance of Effort and Early Intervening Services
Appendix E: Local Educational Agency Maintenance of Effort Calculation Examples
Appendix F: Index for IDEA – Part B Regulations (34 CFR Part 300)