Purpose of this tool

The purpose of this mobile application (app) is to provide a comprehensive tool containing information regarding all aspects of the implementation of Part, B of Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA). The developers set out to create an easy to use, intuitive mobile app to deliver pertinent, on-demand information accessible on a mobile device. This mobile platform will allow users to access federal statute and regulations, guidance documents, instructional material, and various other resources regarding the overall General Monitoring and Supervision requirements and responsibilities which impact persons implementing IDEA at the State Education Agency (SEA) level down to the Local Education Agency (LEA) level.

This mobile application is intended to help increase the capacity by presenting a complex system in a logical format. Using this mobile app, users can access the federal statute and regulations with the requirements to understand how activities are linked to the overall intention of the law. Given that many people in states who are responsible to overseeing an aspect of the implementation of IDEA come to work from different backgrounds and orientations, the mobile app allows users to access parts IDEA to better understand where their roles and responsibilities fits into the larger system. For users new to the work, the mobile app provides an opportunity learning at one’s own pace at any time in any location.


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