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Results Driven Accountability (RDA)


The Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) revised the IDEA accountability system to shift the focus from primary compliance to placing more of an emphasis on achievement results for students with disabilities. The current initiative is called "Results Driven Accountability".


There are three components to RDA;

1. State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Reports (SPP/APR), which measure results and compliance. States are currently developing State Systematic Improvement Plans (SSIPs), designed to improve outcomes in targeted areas.

2. Determinations, which reflect state performance on results, as well as compliance.

3. Differentiated monitoring and support for all states, but especially low-performing states.


The following Core Principles underlie and guide OSEP’s RDA work:

1. Partnership with stakeholders

2. Transparent and understandable to educators and families

3. Drives improved results

4. Protects children and families

5. Differentiated incentives and support to states

6. Encourages states to target resources and reduce burden

7. Responsive to needs

Additional OSEP resources can be located on the U.S. Department of Education RDA website.


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