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The State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP)


The State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) is part of the SPP/APR and is a requirement for all states receiving federal funds for IDEA programs. The SSIP is a comprehensive multi-year plan developed by states focused on improving results for children with disabilities. For Part B, the SSIP is Indicator 17. For Part C, it is Indicator 11.


The first submission of the SSIP included information and data for FFY 2013. Phase I of the SSIP was submitted to OSEP in April 2015. The Phase I analysis included the following components:

  • Data Analysis: The State must describe how key data was identified and select the area or result to be improved for children with disabilities and identify root causes contributing to low performance.

  • Infrastructure Analysis: The state must analyze its infrastructure to determine if improvements are needed in systems of governance, fiscal oversight, quality standards, professional development, data capacity, technical assistance, and accountability.

  • State-Identified Measurable Result (SIMR): The State must identify a specific, measurable long-term goal to be achieved as a result of the SSIP process.

  • Coherent Improvement Strategies: The State must identify and describe the improvement strategies that will be implemented to achieve the desired results, or the SIMR. In addition, the State must describe how each strategy is appropriate and aligned to the SIMR to ensure improved outcomes for students with disabilities.

  • Theory of Action: The State must include a graphic illustration of the State’s illustrating how the chosen coherent improvement strategies will lead to achieving the SIMR.

Phase II of the SSIP was submitted to OSEP in April 2016. It included the multi-year plan addressing the following components;

  • Infrastructure Development: Building off the data analysis in Phase I, the State must identify system improvements required to build capacity across the system to support the continuous improvement strategies.

  • Supports for Implementing Evidence-Based Practices: The State must identify evidence-based practices to be implemented to achieve desired results for students with disabilities.

  • Evaluation Plan: The State must develop a plan for evaluating the implementation of the SSIP.

Phase III of the SSIP includes the evaluation of the implementation of the coherent improvement strategies from years 3 through 6, FFY 2015-2018. Phase III components include;

  • Results of Ongoing Evaluation: The State must, on an annual basis, report on the extent to which the coherent improvement strategies and evidence-based practices are being implemented.

  • Extent of Progress: The State must report on the extent to which progress toward the SIMR had been made.

  • Revisions to the SSIP: Based on the ongoing evaluation, the State must report on any revisions and the rationale for making changes to the SSIP.

The SSIP for each state and territory should be publicly posted and is typically located on the state department of education website. 

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